Bitcoin News 13 January 2017

Bitcoin Today… we are two weeks into January 2017 and it sure has been an eventful time. Two 8th Birthday’s were celebrated – 3 January marked 8 years since the first Bitcoin was mined and on the 12 January 2009, also 8 years ago, the very first Bitcoin transaction took place between Satoshi Nakamoto and Hall Finney. Two dates in January 2009 changed the World forever.

The Bitcoin price has moved below the $800 mark. We must all bear in mind that Bitcoin is a new currency and that it will be volatile however, we believe that in the future as Bitcoin is adopted by more people, activities in China might not have such a huge impact on the Bitcoin price as it does today.

Other articles in the news:- FDA teaming with IBM to explore how data from electronic medical records, clinical trials and health data from wearable devices could be better shared and audited using a blockchain; the city of Zug, Switzerland, begins testing bitcoin payments, municipalities in the U.S. still see bitcoin as high risk with little reward; The third annual Satoshi Roundtable has been announced and this year’s attendees will gather in a secret location in North America later this month; India’s government pushes ahead with a controversial plan from physical to digital cash; Developers can now test an early version of bitcoin’s much-hyped Lightning Network; China predicted to lead the global fintech and Blockchain industries; IRS needs to do more to inform taxpayers about the potential liabilities they face when investing their individual retirement accounts in Bitcoin and PwC Launches Blockchain & FinTech Program for Young Entrepreneurs.

Two blockchain projects well on their way and working – ArtChain provides digital certificates for the pieces of art, establishing their history and the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) has built a blockchain-based asset management system in partnership with IBM.

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