Bitcoin News 13 September 2017 – Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices in Free Fall

Bitcoin News today as we watch the cryptocurrency prices dropping amidst rumors of China shutting down exchanges once again – Bitcoin trading in the spotlight. BitKan, an over-the-counter (OTC) trading service for cryptocurrencies in China has suspended its OTC operations as regulators exert pressure.


Not only is pressure coming from China, the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon continued to slate Bitcoin by declaring it a “fraud” and saying he would fire any trader known to be trading the cryptocurrency.


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Other news headlines:-


Regulation Round-Up: Blockchain Tech Lauded in China, ICOs Shunned in the UK, Bitcoin Revered in Finland – each country seems to have its own take on cryptocurrency and blockchain. One thing is for certain, the digital economy can not be ignored.


SBI Ripple Asia will begin testing a new blockchain-based remittance platform between Japanese and South Korean banks by the end of the year – Ripple continues to focus on financial institutions driving cross border payment efficiency.



IBM has joined car manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen and investment bank UBS in an effort to build and develop a blockchain-based mobile payment system for the automotive industry – certainly a development to keep an eye on.


The U.K.’s chief financial markets regulator has helped develop a new app using blockchain consortium R3’s Corda distributed ledger platform – the FCA and two major banks.


The massive Equifax hack has millions reeling knowing their personal data is out there unprotected. Have you been affected?


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