Bitcoin News 14 December 2016

Bitcoin today 14 December 2016 – the Bitcoin price is stable above the $780 mark! Knock Knock Knocking on $800… when will Bitcoin price break through? They say the cry through the Bitcoin community today is: “I should have bought more.” as Bitcoin is trading at its highest price since 2014!

Bitcoin News headlines – Coinsecure are seeing over a 300% increase in turnover and over 250% increase in there user base in India; Kraken San Francisco-based digital currency exchange has acquired wallet funding service Glidera; Fake emails purporting to be from Amazon have been sent to thousands of Christmas shoppers around the world; BITPAY volume up 1800% as affiliate networks embrace Bitcoin during 2016; First Global Credits, which enables traders to use cryptocurrency to be used as collateral margin to trade ETFs, stock trades and commodity futures, have reported a record high for Bitcoin margin trading for the month of November; Loyyal, a New York-based blockchain-based loyalty and rewards platform, has snagged a contract with Dubai Holding, a multinational investment conglomerate; The developers behind OpenBazaar, the open-source marketplace protocol powered by bitcoin, have raised $3m in new funding; One of Europe’s most prominent former bankers is joining a bitcoin startup Blockchain and 7,500 Faceless Coders Paid in Bitcoin Built a Hedge Fund’s Brain! Interesting times for sure!

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