Bitcoin News 14 March 2017

Bitcoin Today – the Bitcoin price is looking very strong – will the price move to $1500 soon? It is anyone’s guess and as we always say, keep your eyes on the fundamentals. Despite predictions that if the ETF wasn’t approved, the Bitcoin price will drop and volatility rise – drop it did but recovered strongly as Bitcoin shruged off rejection by US regulators.

Bitcoin Headlines – Dubai Government Taps IBM For City-Wide Blockchain Pilot Push; Ireland Is Becoming a “Landing Spot” for Blockchain Tech; EU Draft Law Outlines Parliament Plan to Monitor Bitcoin Users; Foxconn Reveals Plan for Blockchain Supply Chain Domination; DASH ALTCOIN CONTINUES EPIC BULL RUN; SETS SEVERAL ALL-TIME RECORDS; Natural Gas Pegged for Next ING, SocGen Blockchain Test and Samsung SDS, Blocko Partner over Blockchain For Digital Money, Payments & Identity.

Now, the new hot topic is the Bitcoin scaling, SegWit or Bitcoin Unlimited – Bitcoin Traders Weigh New Risks as Scaling Returns to Spotlight and now the BIGGEST MINING POOL SWITCHES TO BITCOIN UNLIMITED – hard fork must be avoided.

Millions of Mobile Devices are Vulnerable to Tracking due to MAC Randomization Weaknesses – we need our privacy!

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