Bitcoin News 15 December 2016

Bitcoin today 15 December 2016 – the Bitcoin price has gained $40 since 1 December 2016 which equates to a 5% growth in two weeks. Bitcoin reached $800 in China this week!

Bitcoin headlines – Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) disclosed a new security breach on Wednesday that may have affected more than one billion accounts; The dollar climbed the highest level since 2003 against the euro as the prospect of a steeper path for U.S. interest rates next year filtered through markets; Coin Center report points out that the most useful aspects of Bitcoin’s blockchain technology are not found in consortium-based solutions; A Coinbase customer has gone to court to stop the Internal Revenue Service from subpoenaing user data from the bitcoin and ether exchange startup; Central Bank coins are the new altcoins; Prominent investment banker says Banks will be irrelevant soon and UK payment gateway company, Bitwage has won the French Tech Ticket competition and qualifies to join one of France’s top incubators.

More demonetization – Venezuela is the world’s worst performing economy, hit by 700% hyperinflation and sinking in debt; Over the weekend, Maduro abruptly outlawed the 100-bolivar bank note, the largest denomination of the country’s currency, giving Venezuelans until Thursday to deposit or exchange the bills before they are rendered worthless. Australia keen to remove their $100 note. Falling like dominoes – which country is next?

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