Bitcoin News 15 February 2017

Bitcoin today – The Bitcoin has been pretty resilient the past few days and still trading over $1000. What will the next level be?

Bitcoin News Headlines – Arizona’s Proposed Blockchain Gun Tracking Ban Pushes Ahead; China’s Bitcoin Traders Are Losing Confidence in Exchange Prices; China FinTech Booms as Mobile Payments Outpace US by 50x; NOT JUST CHINA: P2P BITCOIN TRADING IS ALSO SOARING IN 9 other COUNTRIES; Thailand’s Largest Bank to Launch New FinTech Platform and in a very bullish move for Bitcoin, Localbitcoins’ New Chinese Popularity Sparks Fears of PBoC Action; It’s Impossible to Kill Bitcoin, Says Former Chief of Govt-Owned Bank of China; JP Morgan, Santander Said to Join New Ethereum Blockchain Group and Bitcoin’s Growth in the U.K. Continues to Be Stifled by Banks.

Japan’s 3 Megabanks Have All Invested in Japan’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange. How Japan’s New Regulations Affect Bitcoin Exchanges… Japan leading the pack!

And… By 2030, Bitcoin Could Be The Sixth Largest Reserve Currency In The World! What is your opinion?

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