Bitcoin News 16 December 2016

Bitcoin today 16 December 2016 – the Bitcoin price has remained considerably stable over the past week and currently around the $783 level.

Bitcoin headlines – FX Markets Shrink While Bitcoin Expands; Important Milestones in the Evolution of Bitcoin Casinos; The Singapore dollar is likely to slide to levels seen in the aftermath of the global financial crisis as the Monetary Authority of Singapore resumes easing policy in April; After surging more than 75% so far this year, bitcoin prices could finish 2016 even higher, according to a panel of experts polled by CoinDesk; some multi-bln professional service firms are pushing the development and implementation of private Blockchains, Ernst & Young (EY), one of the “Big Four” accounting corporations in the world, is leading the Bitcoin industry to the mainstream; Switzerland: How the World’s Densest Bitcoin ATM Network is Doing – by all accounts, very well indeed!

Interesting to note re China “On Dec. 15, the Chinese bond futures market suffered a record crash, plunging from 102 to nearly 94. Offshore yuan has also increased significantly after the Fed raised rates, rising from 6.9 to approximately 6.95 overnight. As the Chinese New Year approaches and outflows accelerate, the Chinese yuan will presumably weaken even more in the upcoming months, which will ultimately push the price of Bitcoin further” Cointelegraph

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