Bitcoin News 18 August 2017 – Investors Globally Looking to Bitcoin

Bitcoin News Today and leading story for the day is the announcement that Fisco, a Japanese financial information company, announced that they have issued a Bitcoin bond. Since the Japanese made Bitcoin legal tenders in April 2017 much progress has been made in terms of adoption of the digital asset. A Bitcoin-backed bond would allow large institutions to store value and be more accepting of Bitcoin.


Digital Assets are getting closer to traditional investments. Just recently, it was reported that Bitcoin options, futures and an exchange-traded fund that track Bitcoin derivatives in the U.S. could be available. ETF’s being listed on the stock exchange is only a matter of time.



Other News Headlines:


Bank of Canada Report: Imagining a “Bitcoin Standard” Financial System – Warren E. Weber, research consultant at Bank of Canada published a report that speculated about a financial system where Bitcoin would be the standard currency (referred as the “Bitcoin standard”) instead of fiat currencies. The New Age “Gold Standard”?


Ethereum – Plasma is a scaling infrastructure that will help the Ethereum blockchain handle much larger data sets than is currently possible. This is currently being proposed by the co-creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, to revolve the scaling issues being experienced on the network.


Coinbase, Crypto Exchange, has been awarded a new patent related to private key security – “Key ceremony of a security system forming part of a host computer for cryptographic transactions.”


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