Bitcoin News 18 January 2017

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price moved up to $900 during the morning however now hovering around the $870 mark. Today, two years ago, the Bitcoin price was $207. This means that Bitcoin value has grown 334% in two years – incredible returns.   It pays to have a long term view of Bitcoin.

Other Bitcoin headlines – Chinese Bitcoin Miner Might Be Trying To Corner ASIC Chip Market; The U.S. is dominating bitcoin ATM market with 73% of all machines worldwide; ECB Actively Considering Cash-Like Central Bank Digital Currency; The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) released a new regulatory framework earlier this month; US Postal Inspector Hiring 30+ Specialists with Bitcoin Experience; Interpol Hosts Latest Digital Currency Conference in Middle East.

Automative industry getting involved with bitcoin and the blockchain – Mercedes buys bitcoin services PayCash and Swiss banking giant UBS bank has partnered with German energy company Innogy and automobile manufacturing company ZF to provide a blockchain-backed Car eWallet that enables charging of electric cars.

Interesting article on fake traded volume reporting “China’s exchanges report 98% of global volume, a figure that would suggest a huge dominance by its markets – Unfortunately, we know that most of this volume is fake”

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