Bitcoin News 19 July 2017 – Bitcoin Hard Fork Not Likely, Bitcoin Price Reacts

Bitcoin News Today sees the Bitcoin price recovering since the shock drop on 16 July. The Ethereum price jumped by $60 over 24 hours as more support for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance takes hold.  Is the bull starting to move again?


The Bitcoin price is reacting positively to the fact that the scaling of Bitcoin, BIP 91, is close to the necessary threshold of 80% of mining power. BIP91 is part of SegWit2X and miners have been signaling early which has made markets less volatile over the past couple of days. Bitcoin Chain Split and Hard Fork Not Likely as Miners agree on SegWit – now 76%.



Other news headlines:-


Daimler’s €100 Million Ethereum Bond Is Bigger Than Mercedes-Benz – issued on a private version of the ethereum blockchain – the bond type called a Schuldschein has given the project a global scale.

The Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association has officially announced that 13 of the group’s Bitcoin exchange members will suspend Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals on 1 August – Do not keep your Bitcoins in a hot wallet on an exchange – they hold the private keys, not you!  Everyone should have a Swiss Bank in their pocket!

Some ICOs Now Ban Americans – Who Should Expect More Ostracism – Monaco Visa Token who raised $3millon in 3 days, did not allow Americans to purchase the ICO due to restrictive rules of the SEC, who are basically protecting the American public.

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