Bitcoin News 20 September 2017 – Bitcoin OTC Volumes Rocket in China

Bitcoin today with the news that the latest pressure on cryptocurrency in China is pushing investors to find other ways to invest and trade, namely over the counter – (OTC).


September so far has brought a ban on ICO’s and Bitcoin Exchange closures in China as well as talk of China banning some IP addresses. Will mining in China be affected – most of the global bitcoin volume is mined within the Chinese borders.





Other news headlines:-


5 Big Bitcoin Crashes: What We Learned – the underlining factor is that Bitcoin keeps coming back – unstoppable.


MUFG on Dimon Remarks: Bank Cryptocurrencies Have ‘Nothing to Do With Bitcoin” – more controlled and regulated


JP Morgan reveals they are looking for a “Technical Project Execution Manager – (Blockchain) Distributed Ledger Technology” – this after the Jamie Dimon attack on Bitcoin.


Bitpay recently partnered with Aliant Payment Systems, which is a company that provides online merchant services for credit card processing – development in payment solutions continues to grow

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