Bitcoin News 21 August 2017 – Japan Driving High Consumer Demand for Bitcoin

In the Bitcoin news today with the leading story that Japan’s top customer-to-customer (C2C) ticket exchange marketplace, Ticket Camp will be the first in the Japanese ticket industry to accept bitcoin.


The site has about 5 million users and processes approximately 5.8 billion yen per month – all of these users will now be exposed to Bitcoin thus creating more demand. In recent months, the Japanese Yen has dominated Bitcoin trading as more than 50% of Bitcoin has been traded in the currency. Bitcoin growth in the past two years against the USD is 2004%.


Interesting to note that South Korea is driving the Bitcoin Cash price as the currency recorded a growth of 114% since creation beginning August.



Other News Headlines


Six ATMs in Toronto Support Ethereum Purchases – Ethereum is fast-growing in popularity after the launch of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance which is well supported by businesses and governments globally. has just added and ether wallet to their service.  Ethereum has grown around 2210% in the past six months.


Also Announced, BitVault – the world’s first crypto communicator and Swiss Bank in Your Pocket include Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOT wallets to ensure the security of your digital assets.



As the value of crypto’s increase, so do the scams. There are a couple of accusations flying around this week.

Firstly BitPay:-

Reported by Bitcoin Magazine – The Bitcoin community is not taking kindly to BitPay this week. Influential developers are accusing the major payment processor of fraud, Bitcoin users on social media are calling for boycots, is removing recommendations of the company’s products, and NBitcoin developer Nicolas Dorier has launched an initiative to fork some of BitPay’s projects altogether.”


Secondly, Genesis Mining:-

Reported by The Merkle – “Cryptocurrency cloud mining has always been problematic, both for companies and customers alike. Nearly every company in this industry is or turns into a major Ponzi scheme at some point. One of the few legitimate companies to date is Genesis Mining, but it looks like some of its customers are not too sure about the future of the platform. Genesis Mining’s recent payment issues and unfortunate hack have caused some delays


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