Bitcoin News 21 February 2017

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price still moving on up, touching $1100, exciting many Bitcoin Believers no doubt. Will this trend continue… add your comments below.

Bitcoin Headlines – Trend: Germany Can Soon Beat the UK in Terms of Fintech Investment; Microsoft Calls on Countries to Keep Civilians Out of Cyberhacks; Japan’s Largest Bank is Testing Digitized Checks on a Blockchain in Singapore; EU Lawmakers Propose to Ban Geo-Blocking of Digital Currency Users; An Alliance Forms Under China’s New Bitcoin Regulations; LOCALBITCOINS trading up 1,200% in China since PBOC clampdown; Bitcoin Freelance Marketplace Rein Launches in Beta; Call for a Digital Geneva Convention Could Affect Bitcoin; “Local Pound”: Liverpool to Get Own Digital Currency by March 2017 and NORWAY’S GOV’T WEALTH FUND TO REINVEST $90BN; IS BITCOIN AN OPTION?

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