Bitcoin News 21 July 2017 – Bitcoin Price on Full Throttle on the Back of BIP91 Acceptance

BREAKING NEWS today – Top Story – Over 93% of Bitcoin Miners have signaled acceptance of BIP91 and has been locked in to activate on 1 August 2017 – BIP91 is to scale Bitcoin and reduce transaction time – more information can be found here 

The Bitcoin price has surged 20% with this positive news as well as the early signaling that took place the past few days. The price is robust and fundamentals strong – is $3000 or higher in sight sooner rather than later? Add your comments below.



Other news headlines:

Criminals Leverage SambaCry Vulnerability to Gain Backdoor Access to NAS Devices – Computers are no longer the only devices susceptible to attack as there have been various types of malware targeting Internet of Things devices in recent months. Clear case for “Encryption of Things” – Learn more about EOT here


Ripple Reports Uptick in Investor XRP Interest as Sales Triple in Q2 – Many Central, Commercial banks, and Financial Institutions are adopting Ripple’s Instant and low-cost international payment system, reducing cost as well as other benefits – Ripple are focusing on developing their core business and growing rapidly. Crypto’s have different use cases and at this stage, Ripple is leading in their class



$30 Million: Ether Reported Stolen Due to Parity Wallet Breach – do not keep your crypto in a hot wallet on an exchange as they own your private keys, not you. Make sure you keep your crypto in an offline device or paper wallet.


London Stock Exchange Group is Using Blockchain to Record Unlisted Securities to help unlisted small businesses tap resources previously only available to larger, public companies


Isle of Man aims to be ICO hub with the World’s first regulatory compliant ICO launched – learn more about what an ICO is here 


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