Bitcoin News 24 July 2017 – Bitcoin’s Major Traction in India, Fourth Highest Trading Market

Bitcoin News Today with the top stories on Bitcoin gaining commercial and regulatory traction in India. Bollywood and Online portals are helping Bitcoin gain traction in India – it has been reported that India is the fourth highest Bitcoin trading market, with over 1 million users. Bollywood is also becoming fascinated with the cryptocurrency. Online portals taking Bitcoin are increasing into various industries – book stores, bus/flight ticket and holiday booking, mobile recharge, web hosting, software management, online clothes and home décor, and training and recruitment.


While Bitcoin adoption is growing in India, the government is grappling with the decision as to which department will drive regulation. Reserve Bank of India suggests that Bitcoin is a commodity, the Securities and Exchange Board of India disagrees.





Other News Headlines:-


Small-Scale Ethereum Miners Are Selling Their AMD, Nvidia GPUs as difficulty increases – this is an opportunity for these miners to mine new crypto’s such as EOT – Encryption of Things. Learn more here


Bitcoin “Mania” eclipses even 4 centuries old economic bubbles – There is a growing craze around cryptocurrencies and now even Wall Street experts now forecasting enormous growth for Bitcoin, however, one financial analyst warns of an imminent crash for cryptocurrencies based on the Elliot Wave Principle.


Singapore’s Central Bank is moving ahead in the blockchain space revealing a three-step plan to connect the world’s central banks via distributed ledger technology – the project would see global central banks settling cross-border transactions in real time via a blockchain.


MEDICAL DEVICES connected to the internet are the next security nightmare. Experts believe that more than 20 Billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. Forbes stated that more than 80 Billion will be connected by 2025 – these devices will need encryption. To learn more about encryption, join this FaceBook page – Encryption of Things


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