Bitcoin News 25 April 2017

Bitcoin Today – The Bitcoin price still looking good. Hovering around $1250, is this the new level? Is the price consolidating and getting ready for a push past $1300? With all the good news surfacing, no doubt the price is so bullish.



Bitcoin News Headlines – AT&T Explores Cryptocurrency Car Payments in New Patent Filing; Beware, CIA and criminals can steal your Bitcoin; 88% of companies support SegWit; Research: India’s Push toward Digital Currency to Spur Smartphone Sales; The domino effect of Bitcoin and Blockchain, roll on Malta; What’s to Do Before Ethereum Enters ‘Metropolis’; New Florida Virtual Currency Bill to Target Bitcoin Money Laundering; The fraud of interlectual property; Financial Institutions feeling FinTech heat; Antonopoulos Warns of Fraudulent Projects In The Blockchain Space; Why ‘Billionaire’ Novogratz Holds 10% of His Wealth in Bitcoin and Ether.




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