Bitcoin News 26 July 2017 – Bitcoin Price Slumps as Bitcoiner Fear Rises ahead of BIP91

Bitcoin News today – As we approach 1 August and the implementation of BIP91 scaling solution, it appears that Bitcoiners are fearful of what might just happen in terms of a UASF (User Activated Soft Fork) and the possibility of creating Bitcoin Cash. Prepare yourself by making sure you have control of your private keys – use an offline hardware wallet at all times to protect your digital assets.


While this development is hot news that gets everyone excited, hopefully, the big news of the week does not go unnoticed. If you missed it, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has approved institutional Bitcoin derivatives platform Ledgerx LLC as the first regulated Bitcoin options exchange and clearinghouse.


It is vital to follow the fundamentals – adoption from governments, merchants, consumers and institutions growing as the ecosystem matures. Take a look at what drives the Bitcoin price here.




Other News Headlines
Australian FinTech, the future – there were 300 FinTech companies back in 2015, which grew to around 450 in total during 2016 and just over 600. FinTech is a growing industry globally.
Bitcoin Investment Firm Launches Ethereum-Subscribed ICO Fund – the fund is structured to offer managed exposure allowing investors to participate “cautiously and intelligently.”
21-Year-Old Ethereum Investor Turns $2,000 Into $1 Million in Four Years. The cryptocurrency market is giving many an opportunity to grow substantial wealth should they get involved in the early and inexpensive stages of a crypto. Consider what the unique use or selling proposition of the crypto before investing.
Rothschild Investment Corporation has embraced cryptocurrency by investing in Bitcoin. They bought shares of the GBTC Bitcoin investment trust, which acts as a share that links its value to Bitcoin’s price.
Putin’s Internet Advisor: 30% of Russian Computers Infected By Crypto Mining Malware – it is scary to know that devices connected to the internet can be hacked and our lives infiltrated by bad actors. With over 8,6 billion devices predicted to be connected to the internet, there is a need for encryption otherwise you are fair game – like the Russian Computers!
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