Bitcoin News 27 June 2017 – Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Drop, Short Term Volatility

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price has dipped below $2500 with most cryptocurrencies following suit – Ethereum dropped below $250. Both of these cryptocurrencies had reached new highs just a couple of weeks earlier… $3000 and $400 respectively.  Short term volatility, yet strong fundamentals giving rise to bullish long term outlook.



News headlines:-


European Banks Select IBM Blockchain for Small Business Trade Finance
Premier event – London FinTech week – Will you be there? Find out more about the event here


Bitcoin Adoption Grows in World’s Leading Electronics District
IBM, AEON to Build a Digital Currency-Friendly Blockchain Payments Rail for Asia
Bank of China, Tencent to Trial Blockchain in New Research Effort
As the value of Bitcoin increases, so do the scams – educate yourself to protect yourself.


The US Navy Wants to Connect Its 3-D Printers with a Blockchain
The World’s First Blockchain phone and Crypto Communicator, the BitVault – learn more here



Digital security vendor Gemalto is looking to stake its claim in the burgeoning blockchain identity sector
Poland’s Largest Food Delivery with 5000+ Restaurants Starts Accepting Bitcoin
Bitcoin vs. Ethereum – Battle of the Giants in $100 Billion Crypto Market


Barclays spoke to regulators about bringing bitcoin ‘into play’
Bitcoin News: How $1000 Gift turns Teenager into Bitcoin Millionaire
ICOs: Why There’s More Than One Way


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What are the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Introducing the World’s First Blockchain phone, the BitVault!