Bitcoin News 28 November 2016

Bitcoin today – In the news, the Bitcoin price continued it’s consolidation and side ways move however, Bitcoin continued to trade at elevated levels last week, repeatedly breaking past $750 and coming within reach of annual highs. Have you entered the competition to predict the Bitcoin price for this Friday yet? You could be a winner!

The United Kingdom recently passed legislation providing the government with sweeping new surveillance powers on Internet activity, unprecedented in any Western democracy – what is your opinion on this?

Other news headlines – Chinese investor says the worlds GDP will soon be based on Bitcoin; What investors should know before trading with ZCash; China unveils new capital controls; Senegal may become the first country to release a cryptocurrency based on its national currency; Hong Kong politicians to accept Bitcoin donations; Ukraine just joined a growing number of central banks getting in on the electronic money concept; As a distributed ledger that ensures both transparency and security, the blockchain is showing promise to fix the current problems of the supply chain; and Ernst and Young Switzerland will become the first advisory firm in the world to accept Bitcoin!

These world wide initiates are helping increase Bitcoin value and Bitcoin adoption daily!


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