Bitcoin News 29 November 2016

In the Bitcoin news today, the Bitcoin price continues it’s sideways move and consolidation above the $730 mark. The Bitcoin value has increased by 130% in the last year… a very good result indeed! The price of bitcoin reached a new milestone on 28th November, as the day marked six consecutive months that the digital currency’s price has traded above $500.

News headlines – Blockchain technology will lead the healthcare industry to a new era of technology and innovation with immutable ledgers and secure transfer of data; Deutsche Telekom is investigating whether a cyber attack was responsible for causing network problems for as many as 900,000 customers over the weekend; BTCC has launched the “six color signature set” of physical bitcoin chips in six denominations to introduce the Chinese to Bitcoin; Norwegians can now purchase Bitcoin with credit or debit cards through Bitcoins Norway.

India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said this week that banks should embrace the digital age and get into “mission mode.” – Demonetization underway in India.

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