Bitcoin News 3 April 2017

Bitcoin today – The Bitcoin price passed the $1100 mark! Looking strong and steady… performed well the past few weeks considering some tough decisions that need to be made. Bitcoin value has grown more than 170% in the past year – a remarkable achievement.

Other Bitcoin Headlines – Bitcoin is making inroads with employees at exchanges and solutions providers in the sector; How Cornell Researchers Are Quietly Reinventing Private Blockchains; Crypto and the IRS; Litecoin Prices Jump 70% as Market Cap Adds Over $100 Million; Bitcoin blocks are markedly less full at the weekend than during the week; Law Firms in Singapore and Malaysia Launch FinTech Practice; Canadian Bitcoin Nodes Reject Bitcoin Unlimited, Call It An Altcoin; Bitcoin regulation overhaul in Japan; Lerner Offers a Block Size Compromise with Segwit2MB; Blockchain Startup SingularDTV Goes Hollywood and Bahrain Signs FinTech Pact with Singapore Amid Plan for ‘Country Level’ Blockchain Adoption.

Remember the Breaking News story about President Donald Trump tweeting that he is Satoshi Nakamoto? Well thanks to our sharp viewers, everyone knew this was an April Fools joke! Thanks for taking it in the spirit intended.  If you missed it and keen for a laugh, click here:-

BREAKING NEWS: – Donald Trump tweets, “I am Satoshi Nakamoto”

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