Bitcoin News 3 February 2017

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price surged past $1000 today with the highest price of over $1040 recorded in China. Super exciting and everyone is price watching!

Other Bitcoin news headlines – IRS Seeks to Delay Hearing in Coinbase Data Dispute; Industry Thinks President Trump Will Be “Bitcoin Friendly” Ahead of Cybersecurity Order; F2Pool, Litecoin’s Biggest Pool, Will Upgrade to Segwit; Nine in Ten Governments Investing in Blockchain by 2018 Says IBM Study; UAE Did Not Ban Bitcoin; Tor Users Expotential Rise in UAE Suggests Increased Global Lack of Privacy; Fidelity’s Charity Arm Raised $7 Million in Bitcoin Donations in 2016; Webjet’s Travel Bookings Blockchain Will Move to Pilot in 2017 and 459 Million Bitcoins: Exchange Volume Reached Peak Levels in Q4 – excellent sign.

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) is open to issuing a national digital currency, based on Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – seems many central banks are thinking this way.

Interesting to note that FinTech Investment in China Doubled in 2016, Declines in Europe and the USA.

A new turn of events – India Assaults Cash Again, 100% Fine For Cash Use Will Boost Bitcoin Price!

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