Bitcoin News 30 January 2017

Bitcoin Today… and the Bitcoin price is still doing the sideways jive. Is the price getting ready for another run? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Other Bitcoin news headlines – Ransomware alive and well in Austria – A luxury hotel just paid a bitcoin ransom to unlock the rooms of hundreds of guests who could not get in or get out; London Scene Roundup: Most Sexy ICOs, Blockchain-upon-Thames and Irishmen; Bitcoin, the technology that just won’t die; Peer2Cash, a new online cryptocurrency buying service based in Switzerland; 10 Bitcoin ATMs Reported Stolen Since 2015; why Western Union or Moneygram don’t just use Bitcoin themselves; Japan has been laser focused on digital currency and blockchain solutions plus second largest Bitcoin trading region in the world; Cryptocurrency bitcoin could be the new gold – new, young and exciting!

SEND AND RECEIVE CASH WITH ZERO FEE – with Cashaa – these guys are biting into the massive remittance market.

Paris Looks to Oust London as FinTech Hub – YAY, a trip to Paris on the cards!

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