Bitcoin News 30 June 2017 – Ethereum Network Congestion Eased

Bitcoin Today – The Bitcoin price continues to consolidate around $2500 – enormous growth from the $1000 level of January 2017. Ethereum over the past few days has hovered around the $300 mark and looking strong. The network congestion of the past week or so could be improved as the Ethereum network’s transaction capacity has just been increased.  Stepping up the GAS!




News Headlines:

Fidelity Charitable Has Raised $9 Million in Bitcoin So Far in 2017
Demand for Bitcoin Industry Surges, Blockchain & Coinbase Lead Investors
Japan Will Test Government Tenders on a Blockchain this Year
As the value of Bitcoin increases, so do the scams – educate yourself to protect yourself

Dash Unveils Evolution Roadmap and Three-Year Plan
Top Ten Drivers of the Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Scaling Project Segwit2x to Release New Code Tomorrow
11 Fintech and Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Switzerland You Have to Know
What is Ethereum? Is a currency or token?


Celebrity Investor Mark Cuban is About to Participate in His First ICO
Pantera Capital to Raise $100 Million in Investment for ICO Hedge Fund
As a Bitcoin Believer you will want a copy of the Business Manifesto
OX Fina Announces $774789 Raised, from the 2 Companies on the First Day of ICO Launch
German automaker Daimler AG has issued a corporate bond worth €100m as part of a blockchain pilot project


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