Bitcoin News 30 November 2016

In the Bitcoin news today… the Bitcoin price has spiked and moved upwards past $740. Is this the start of a new run towards $800?  Add your Bitcoin price projections to the comments below!

News headlines – Bitcoin adoption depends largely on education; The government of the United Arab Emirates is sponsoring a virtual hackathon dedicated to blockchain, with $140,000 in prizes up for grabs; Regulation for the Internet of Things; India dreams of a cashless society; Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Unbanked in Africa with Lorien Gamaroff; Europe’s largest shipping port tests blockchain logistics and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published four applications filed by MasterCard related to its work with blockchain and distributed ledger tech.

A European bank has become the latest victim of ransom attacks, as customers are now faced with paying 10 percent of their balances or having their personal data exposed… hacking continues. Make sure you follow online security guidelines as well as keep your Bitcoin offline.

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