Bitcoin News 31 March 2017

Bitcoin Today – the Bitcoin price spiked a bit today after a week of the sideways jive. Certainly looking strong again and what most like to see.

Bitcoin News Headlines – Japan’s Bitcoin Law Goes Into Effect Tomorrow, 1 April 2017; Japan’s Biggest Bank Partners Ripple, Plans Global Blockchain Money Transfers in 2018; MaidSAFE vs Sia vs Storj; Catching FinTech Winds, RegTech Association Launches in Australia; A Virtual Reality Simulator of the Bitcoin Blockchain Is Coming to Steam; Altcoin-Fiat Trading Rises, BitPanda Adds Dash-Euro Trading; Litecoin Soars to 20-Month High, Price Spikes Nearly 100%; Blockchain Platform MultiChain Enters Beta with 15 New Partners; BITPESA & BITBOND JUMPSTART BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN LOANS TO KENYA; Hong Kong Central Bank Unveils Blockchain PoC for Trade Finance and Sweden Moves to Next Stage With Blockchain Land Registry.

As Cyber Crime is a real threat to our digital economy, French cyber-defense and aerospace firm Thales has launched a new integration with blockchain startup Chain aimed to boost blockchain security

Over 100 ‘Blockchain Personalities’ Take 21 Inc’s Fork Survey on the Big Bitcoin Forking debate – view the questionnaire.

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