Bitcoin News 4 August 2017 – The Birth of Bitcoin Cash and the Resilience of Bitcoin

Bitcoin news today – an eventful week saw the birth of Bitcoin Cash and the resilience of Bitcoin. Very quickly Bitcoin Cash shot to third place in terms of market cap but has since dropped into fourth place under Ripple, the protocol which has been adopted by many banks and payment networks globally.




Bitcoin price stability is a testament to the fact that Bitcoin has strong fundamentals. In a new development, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has partnered with Gemini, the Bitcoin exchange backed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. This is part of a bid to launch cryptocurrency derivatives trading and could drive Bitcoin adoption and the price significantly.



Other news headlines:-


Australia’s Biggest Grain Exporter Trials Blockchain Tracking System – CBH, a grain growers’ cooperative, is testing a blockchain-based system to trace the grain’s origin and document its quality. Blockchain technology is being used increasingly for Supply Chain tracking and tracing as well as food safety.


BitVault, the World’s First Crypto Communicator, announced the EOT Vault to be a native application. EOT – Encryption of Things – is much needed to protect us against hackers and malicious actors finding ways to infiltrate our lives through the “Internet of Things”. Find out how you can join the EOT Community, EOT Development Group or start mining EOT coins – Click here for Encryption of Things


Broker-Dealer Renews Call for ICO Rules After SEC Release – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released new guidance on digital tokens and ICOs – but one industry stakeholder wants the agency to go a step further by wanting formal rule-making.


More regulation on the way.


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