Bitcoin News 6 December 2016

Bitcoin today – The Bitcoin price is moving between the $770 level and $750 plus a bit of sideways moving and consolidation which is good. Experts are expecting prices to move beyond $800 sighting Geo Political uncertainty.

News headlines – Launching in 2017, RMG will offer a digital record of ownership of up to £1 bln worth of gold held at The Royal Mint’s bullion vault; Venezuela’s central bank said it will begin circulating higher-denomination notes this month; The Federal Reserve has published new research on distributed ledger tech; Warren Buffet says that Donald Trump will not derail the economy; Euro zone finance ministers agreed on short-term measures to reduce Greek debt and Bitcoin’s Price Climbs Closer to New Highs but Stops Short.

More hacking – the Bank of Russia has become the third central bank this year targeted by external attacks, losing over $31 mln or 2 bln rubles from its correspondent bank accounts – make sure you keep your digital assets OFFLINE!

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