Bitcoin News 6 February 2017

Bitcoin Today – the Bitcoin price traded above $1000 over the weekend and stayed there! Now hovering around the $1020 mark… what will the next resistance be?

Other Bitcoin News articles – New York City Law Firm Experiments with Blockchain Smart Contracts; U.A.E. to Adopt System Seeking to Lure Top Foreign Talent; Cagecoin Rises 30,000%, Hits Top 10 Market Caps, Disappears; Can You Go to Jail for Trading Bitcoin? Russia is Still Deciding; Bullish Sentiment Fuels Bitcoin’s Return to $1,000; Venezuela shuts down Bitcoin exchange and arrests more miners; How to Defend Against Keyloggers That Are after Your Bitcoins and FinTech Firms believe Big Banks Are Lobbying to Block Change.

Massive focus in the FinTech sector unfolding.  Watch this space.

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