Bitcoin News 6 March 2017

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price is sideways moving again, a bit of consolidation over the past week, looking good around upper $1200’s.

Bitcoin Headlines – Dubai Claims Title of Blockchain’s ‘Global Capital’ at Keynote Event; Japan’s Biggest Bank to Open Banking Processes to FinTech App Developers; A French Bitcoiner Argues in New York Court its too early to Regulate Bitcoin; Crypto Valley Association building a concentrated blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland; Roger Ver Bets Against SegWit Bitcoin Upgrade at Acapulco; Bitcoin Goes into Hiding in Crisis-Stricken Venezuela; GOOGLE: IT’S ‘MORE URGENT THAN EVER’ TO USE BITCOIN’S ENCRYPTION; Bitfinex Adds Dash To Its Crytpo Offerings; Breeze Bitcoin Wallet to Deploy Production-Ready Tumblebit Anonymizer; The Hyperledger Blockchain Project Announces Its First Graduate Project; The First Bitcoin Store of the World opens in Vienna and the World’s Largest Shipping Firm Now Tracks Cargo on Blockchain.

The average Bitcoin Transaction Fee has exceeded $1 and we can now use Visa to pay Bitcoin Network Transaction Fees.

Switzerland continues to steam ahead in terms of Bitcoin adoption and recently a Swiss Apartment Provider announced that they accept rent in Bitcoin.

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