Bitcoin News 7 December 2016

Bitcoin Today 7 December 2016 – The Bitcoin price is starting to move again and stretching to reach $800 and beyond. Lots of speculation around Bitcoin and that the price could move into the $2000 level in 2017. Time will tell however all the signs are there for Bitcoin value to continually grow.

Bitcoin Headlines – BNY Mellon’s treasury unit has organized a new innovation group aimed at investigating and testing new technologies like blockchain; SAP is set to increase its Blockchain commitment as the main sponsor of the 2017 Blockchain Africa conference in Johannesburg; Linux-led Hyperledger Project recently announced a partnership with Chinese peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, Malaysia Bitcoin Trading Volumes Rise as Capital Controls Tighten; Bitcoin Purchases In Mexico Grow As Trump’s Planned Remittance Block Nears; Blockchain Gets a Push in India with New Microsoft & KPMG Partnership and New Developments in Quantum Computing Impact Bitcoin.


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