Bitcoin News 8 March 2017

Bitcoin Today – The Bitcoin price moved super close to the $1200 mark and after the recording, dropped into the $1180’s… but in true Bitcoin form, it is back past $1200 again at time of posting.  It is very difficult to predict short term movement in the price.  Bitcoin has shown huge gains in 2017 already however, some analysts are expecting the price to pass $3000 by the end of the year.

Bitcoin headlines – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Succesfully Mines Bitcoin on a 1985 NES Console; Russian PM Orders Research on Public Sector Blockchain Use; BITCOIN ETF APPROVAL ODDS IMPROVE TO 50/50 AS DECISION NEARS; Iran Launches a FinTech Association to Push for Development; Many Are Mulling Over the Idea of Retiring on Bitcoin; Irish Fund Managers Complete Blockchain Data Reporting Trial; Foxconn Subsidiary Debuts Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Platform.

Bitwala recently announced that their customers are able to transfer Bitcoin to any M-Pesa account in four African countries. Available in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Uganda – a very positive move!

In the ongoing saga of Bitcoin Core/SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited, one of the largest mining pools, Antpool Signals for Bitcoin Unlimited however, disapproves a User Activated Soft Fork. Bitcoin is a democracy and the miners have a huge stake in this ecosystem, they will all carefully consider the best route to take and not take any decision lightly. In the meantime, the upcoming release – version 0.14.0 – is composed of performance boosts and code shuffles that could pave the way for future upgrade. The New 110% Unlimited Mining Pool is Now Open to Everyone.

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