Bitcoin News 8 September 2017 – Bitcoin Price Soars again as ICO Dust Settles

Bitcoin News today with the Bitcoin price looking strong and soaring past $4600 after losing around $1000 in just three days on the back of the ICO news.

Ethereum continues the sideways move and the total coin market cap is over $160 Billion. It can be said that this week was the week of the ICO. China has banned all ICO’s which has caused some ICO refunds and exchanges delisting ICO tokens – a long list of ICO’s are now under investigation. This has been a shakeup long in coming as the ICO boom unfolded – Regulation is going to become the order of the day as more countries regulators get behind this. The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) has also taken action against a few ICO startups of late.


Could Singapore become the next big ICO haven, as the regulatory landscape is seemingly more favorable?


The Isle of Man is opening its doors to entrepreneurs looking to launch initial coin offerings (ICO) – the have created a regulatory framework it believes will allow for token sales that are compliant with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations.




Other news headlines:-


The European Central Bank is working on new licensing guidelines that would also cover financial technology firms. The fintech sector has been taking market share from traditional lenders in a variety of sectors from payments to lending, attracting investment $6.5 billion in the first half of the year.


Ripple continues to make a “ripple” in the banking and financial sector globally – Major FinTech payments firm Ripple expanding to India with a new office in the country’s business capital, Mumbai.


Ukraine, another country forging ahead in the digital economy as their justice ministry has begun testing the use of a blockchain to digitally auction seized assets.



A vast number of countries across many industries are discovering the benefits of the Blockchain, including the Fashion Industry.

“SohoMuse, the exclusive networking platform for creative professionals, announced a partnership with fashion designer Malan Breton to Livestream his fall 2017 New York Fashion Week show. The groundbreaking joint venture also includes Tokenly, the Napa Valley-based company, incorporating their Blockchain solution for an innovative online shopping experience via SohoMuse. – Blockchain News.



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