Bitcoin News 9 January 2017

Bitcoin News Today – The weekend saw the price moving around the $850 to $920 mark… starting to consolidate after the drop in price post the news of the People’s Bank of China meeting with local Bitcoin Exchange to ensure strict controls are in place.Other Bitcoin news – Chinese consumers are rapidly moving towards non-bank and cashless alternatives, such as Alibaba’s $60 bln financial application Alipay; Meet Bitcoin’s wealthy elite; Saxo Bank predicts Bitcoin could triple under Trump; Public Perception of Bitcoin is Slowly Shifting Amid Global Financial Turmoil; The movie, titled “Banking on Bitcoin” has been released on January 6, 2017, in select theaters across the United States; Chinese Traders Create Lopsided Bitcoin Market, Investors Ready to Take Higher Risks; The US Department of Energy (DoE) is now looking into blockchain tech and the question… should You Buy or Sell Bitcoin Now?

China to Restrict Bitcoin Marketing, But Blockchain Firms Unaffected!

“According to a new report by Caixin, the PBoC sought to restrict how the exchanges could seek to acquire potential new users, with the central bank indicating that the startups aren’t able to mention the depreciation of the yuan in connection with marketing or otherwise promote their services offline.”


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