Bitcoin News Review 1 November 2016

Bitcoin News Review of the past 24 hours… and the price of bitcoin keeps moving up! Traded volume daily is over 8 million bitcoin per day for the past couple of days… incredible! This is real growth in the market and signals institutional adoption.

Other news headlines today… Singapore-based Attores issue certificates and diplomas on the blockchain; MasterCard development site now features three APIs connected to its internal blockchain work, including offerings focused on smart contracts and payment settlement; Zee News Business Head in India hinted that Bitcoin could reach $10,000 in value, considering the rising demand; Zug in Switzerland is proving to be a magnet for blockchain startups and South African banks testing blockchain applications in a partnership supported by key regulators, great news!

Where will a dead man’s bitcoins go? Make sure you take care of your beneficiaries and leave information regarding the distribution of your bitcoin wealth… otherwise, they will be lost to the world like a the dinosaurs!



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