Bitcoin News Review 1 September 2016

The Bitcoin News Review – the week that was! Hacking, hacking and more hacking… security of your bitcoin is vital. It is time for you to take control of your Bitcoin – Statistics show that since 2009 to 2015, a third of all exchanges have been compromised. 2016 has seen the hacking of the DAO and Bitfinex… however this is not specific to digital currency as the Bank of Bangladesh suffered an $81 million hack in February. Bottom line… keep your bitcoin wealth offline and in your pocket!

Other Bitcoin articles questioning what the next big price event will be, perhaps the approval of the two ETF’s – SolidX and Winkelvoss; US Health Department selects 15 blockchain research contest winners; Four big banks want a “settlement coin”; Bitcoin is the fuel needed for the Industrial Internet of Things; Singapore Bank proposes new rules for Bitcoin start ups… these and many more news on the Bit-Media Facebook page – connect with us





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