Bitcoin News Review 13 October 2016

This week has been a big week for Fiat currency devaluation, firstly the GB Pound that is dropping like lead post Brexit announcement and possibility of a so called “hard Brexit” looming and secondly the South African Rand plummeting 3% within minutes of the summons being served on the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on charges of fraud.

The bitcoin price started to move upwards which is good news… could this be from investors in China as the Yuan devalues?’s website was hijacked for over 4 hours and up to 8 million wallet holders did not have access to their accounts – we say this over and over ” Do not to keep your bitcoin in a hot online wallet – it is time to keep your bitcoin safely offline or become a statistic!”

Other news articles such as a new report from Deloitte explores how blockchain could be used in loyalty rewards programs; a push for blockchain interoperability; Bitwalking and Nokia Partner to Raise Education Funds With Crypto; Two more major banks successfully completed a cross-border transaction executed on a blockchain; Wells Fargo, ANZ and Swift have completed a prototype that envisions how blockchain play a role in correspondent banking; Central banks want to use blockchain technology; Cybercrime is on the increase… get some top tips on how to keep your data and bitcoins safe!



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