Bitcoin News Review 15 September 2016

Another jam packed week for Bitcoin and Blockchain! From taking a look at a bitcoin mine in Tibet to the blockchain potentially saving the reinsurance industry $10 billion and Goldman Sachs pushing for foreign exchange on the blockchain. The Bank of England remains focused and their accelerator programs is driving blockchain research and development.

Circle brings blockchain payments to iMessage; Apple approves 3 more cryptocurrencies to the iOS app store; Straits financial accepts bitcoin payments for US Futures; Italy wants to treat bitcoin as currency and tax it; Russia bans Localbitcoins while in India, Unocoin expands their new OTC bulk trading and mobile application. $500 billion in remittances… bitcoin start up s are wanting a piece of this market! Bitwala states that bitcoin is their focus cryptocurrency as no body is uses altcoins… the numbers tell all.



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