Bitcoin News Review 17 October 2016

Bitcoin News Review of the past few days… we see the Bitcoin price testing the $640 level and should it push through, we could see movement past $700… Is trading in China influencing the price? The numbers show that 90% of trading is done in China however, this excludes the vast amounts of bitcoin exchanged peer to peer! It was reported that 2.2 million bitcoins were traded on the main exchanges on Friday, a liquid market?

Other headlines in the news… Bitcoin is Legal But Not Tender in Multi-Currency Zimbabwe; Cyber-attacks are increasingly commonplace and the risk of them is rising, particularly among larger firms; Two tech firms are joining forces to improve cryptocurrency security and curb cyber crime; A Dutch development worker is seeking to revolutionize Kenya’s motorcycle taxi market with Twende; introducing Blockchain Academy in South Africa; Silk Road coming to the big screen… and many more articles…





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