Bitcoin News Review 2 November 2016

Bitcoin news today and we are focused on two stories… the Bitcoin Price and the US Elections. The bitcoin price hovering around the $730 mark, a level achieved in June this year but this time, supported by high traded volume. Regarding the US Elections, it is a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, however, it seems that with new info from Wikileaks, the FBI email investigation, Obamacare increases and the Clinton Foundation under the spotlight, Democratic voters might be having second thoughts. What impact with a Trump presidency have on the markets… and on Bitcoin?

Other news stories such as the Japanese blockchain organization launched this week with 42 financial institutions and SBI Holdings joining; detected drug traffickers using the Darknet and Bitcoin for running the illegal drug racket in India; Circle Financial recently announced it’s expanding into Spain and Ireland; LocalBitcoins, reached a new all-time high on record USD volumes last week with five countries – USA, Malaysia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Sweden – recording all-time highs within the same period; major securities brokerage in Japan is reportedly testing a blockchain-based stock trading system in Myanmar and in New York, the BitLicense program has an application backlog of 15, with a lack of qualified staff blamed for the snail’s rate approval progress



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