Bitcoin News Review 20 October 2016

One of the most exciting things about Bitcoin is that it is a democracy and not owned by anyone or any business. Developers need to reach consensus as Bitcoin is open source, however, it does mean that moving forward with a topic such as scalability can take a bit of time to get agreement. We are seeing high levels of engagement and collaboration world wide on blockchain initiatives between big business , banks and governments. This certainly bodes well for the future of our digital economy.

Recently Five major European insurance and reinsurance companies have partnered on a new blockchain initiative, excellent move!

Some other articles featuring in the news such as Mitsubishi testing Health rewards program on the blockchain; a risk assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing conducted by the U.K. government – digital currency at the bottom of the list; Chinese government’s primary information technology ministry has published a research paper detailing blockchain’s benefits; attacks on the ethereum blockchain continue after hard fork; Walmart has developed a blockchain pilot focused on China’s massive pork industry supply chain; US stock exchange giant sees as a low-hanging-fruit use case for collateral management, or the process by which credit risk is reduced in unsecured financial transactions… these stories and many more can be found on Bit-Media Facebook page, check it out!



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