Bitcoin News Review – 22 September 2017

The Bitcoin News Review… and the week that was! We see many Innovation projects initiated months ago which are now like the rubber hitting the road. So it is all systems go! Excitement is building as more of these projects are being trialed and gaining traction.




This week we see a US Judge ruling that Bitcoin is money: the US congress passing a bill promoting digital currencies and the blockchain; Winklevoss bitcoin exchange Gemini launching daily auctions; Singapore testing B2B blockchain contracts; State Street tests blockchain investment tracking; Purse and Unocoin driving bitcoin adoption in India; French Bank BNP testing the blockchain for Mini Bonds; Cashaa the Uber of Money transfers is revolutionizing cash transfers to Africa and Coinpit takes first steps towards a trustless Futures Exchange.

The US is working on the first Cyber Security regulation to protect consumers and financial institutions as cyber crime is most certainly on the increase. How can you protect yourself against hackers? It is time for you to be your own bank – check out



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