Bitcoin News Review 26 May 2016

Breaking News: – After we recorded this week’s news review the news broke that the CFTC granted full registration to a Bitcoin swaps platform.

As reported on Coindesk:

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has granted formal registration to a trading platform that was an early entrant in the market for bitcoin financial derivatives.

TeraExchange, a swaps execution facility based in New Jersey, had been previously operating under a temporary registration order, and today’s announcement formally recognizes this designation. The CFTC said it would regulate bitcoin as a commodity in September of last year.

Full story: –

Bitcoin prices spiked 5% on the news but we believe that the market does not yet grasp the full impact of this announcement. We will have more on this story shortly, so as they say – stay tuned! – Here are some reasons to invest in Bitcoin right now: –

Meanwhile in other news this week:




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