Bitcoin News Review 26 October 2016

Bitcoin News Review – Making news headlines over the past 24 hours… the Bitcoin price has stayed over $650 during the past few days and inching up more. There are many factors which could be driving this price however, 2016 is proving to be an incredible year for Bitcoin. More media coverage, consumer/investor/institutional adoption, global collaboration on blockchain initiatives, political uncertainty, struggling economies and weakening of Fiat currencies… all contributing to the rise of Bitcoin!

Other articles read that Markets around the world, from stocks to metals and bonds, have slowed to a crawl, revisiting lows in volatility that have stood for two years – all eyes on the US Presidential election in a couple of weeks, a truly historic event that will affect the world; a white paper detailing “guiding principles on consumer protection best practices”; WalMart working to identify more track and trace projects in China; Sia – decentralized cloud storage on blockchain and Russia and China have signed a memorandum of understanding that sets the stage for the two institutions to begin partnering on post-trade blockchain applications.

Did you know that 88 bales of cotton made history this week, becoming the world’s first cross-border interbank trade executed on a blockchain… incredible and a massive step forward!





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