Bitcoin News Review 28 October 2016

In the Bitcoin News Review today we lead with the news that the Bitcoin price has maintained steady around the $685 – $692 level this week and supported by the high traded volume which is a bullish sign. We are coming up to the weekend and in the past have seen bull runs on Saturdays… what will this Saturday have in store for us? Are you ready?

News headlines today… US telecom giant AT&T is seeking a patent for a kind of home subscriber server that utilizes a blockchain; Can Swift, the epitome of a middleman, stay relevant in a world of blockchain; the financial services industry don’t want to make the same mistake with blockchain that they did a decade ago with PayPal; Bitcoin acceptance in cash society countries Ghana and Nigeria; 13 companies partnering with startup CoinSciences in an effort to get more enterprise businesses working with the blockchain. Many companies in various industries across borders are collaborating on blockchain initiates, the question is now… “Who isn’t in?”



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