Bitcoin News Review 3 November 2016

In the Bitcoin news today… things are hotting up in the US Elections and the Bitcoin price! Both Donald Trump and Bitcoin are charging ahead – can they keep this pace?

Headlines reviewed… Switzerland is moving to regulate bitcoin and blockchain businesses; Bitcoin,and blockchain startups may soon face regulatory oversight from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in the USA; The Internet of Things could boost USA productivity; Blockchain is a solution looking for a problem; The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) looking for representatives from the digital currency and blockchain industry for a new advisory panel on fintech and an insurance and reinsurance industry trade organization in the UK is launching a new blockchain research project.

The question on everyone’s mind is … “What will happen to the markets if Donald Trump wins?” The answer… we will have to wait and see!

BREAKING NEWS IN – BREXIT CRISIS – Parliament approval needed for article 50 to be triggered!


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