Bitcoin News Review 31 October 2016

Where to begin in this ever changing dynamic world we live in? The news stories flowing in from the Bitcoin price bull run; the weakening Yuan in China casing Investors to pile into bitcoin; the Swiss going all aboard on trains; US Presidential election twist and turns plus a new kid in town, ZCash.

News in over the past couple of days… Bitcoin Price soaring more than 10% in the past week; China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) backed a blockchain event last week; The yuan headed for the biggest monthly drop since last year’s shock devaluation; Hundreds of strains of cannabis exist and could be registered on the blockchain; Dubai and Norway to use the blockchain to redefine tourism; Zcash grabbed the lion’s share of attention this week as it launched a couple of days ago… will this be an altcoin to rival Bitcoin?



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