Bitcoin News Review 7 November 2016

Bitcoin News review… it’s the day before the US Elections and another bombshell has hit the campaigns! What will the 8th November 2016 bring? Not long to wait for this historic event.

On another front, the good news is that the bitcoin price is holding above $700 with 98% of Bitcoin trading coming from Chinese investors. Traders reading the candlestick graphs and watching the trend believe that Bitcoin is ready to move higher however, there is major support for the $700 mark.

Other news headlines… Central banks explore blockchain to create digital currencies with Russia, China, UK, Australia leading the pack; China’s Miners’ Conference, a mostly promotional event organized by major miner Bitmain; why is blockchain gaining popularity; Switzerland-based blockchain content distribution network DECENT has just launched its web application prototype; how the blockchain will become the next disruptive force in the media and the hype surrounding Zcash faded.


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