Bitcoin News Review 7 October 2016

“The yet unexplored potential of Blockchain Technology – What hasn’t been conjured up yet? What has missed the imagination of Blockchain adventurers so far? “

-Bit-Media attended the super exciting launch of Blockchain Storm in London this week with events tied up for India during December and Switzerland in January 2017… be there! Check their website for more info
Other stories in the news this week:- Overstock starts the R4 for everyone else who can’t be part of the R3 consortium… for instance, Fintech start ups and smaller businesses; first end to end transaction sent via Lightening network successfully; Dutch Real Estate firm Blandlord to sell property with bitcoin blockchain; Factom raised $4,2 million in new funding to build various new products for its blockchain data network; Sydney Stock exchange completes blockchain prototype; Dubai Crown Prince announces strategic plan to have all government documentation on the blockchain by 2020; Russia and South Africa join to develop blockchain tech and an IBM survey reports that 65% of the worlds major banks will use the blockchain by 2019.





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