Bitcoin News Review – 8 November 2016

The Bitcoin News Review on this historic day! The US Citizens will be voting for their new President, and what a campaign it has been. Full of drama,the FBI involvement, sex scandals, Clinton Foundation; compromised classified emails, hacking into servers, Wikileaks… an election like no other. An insider against and Outsider… who will win?

The government of Mexico is preparing for a potential economic fallout if Donald Trump is elected president of the US.. remember, Trump wants to build a wall and wants the Mexicans to pay! The Stock markets are favoring and hoping for a Clinton win as they rallied on the news of the positive email saga outcome.

And in the meantime, Bitcoin is holding on tight around the $700 price… consolidating while getting ready to go into a bull market again. Who can tell?

Other stories in the news:- A hotel bookings company based in Australia has developed a blockchain proof-of-concept in partnership with Microsoft; OKcoin launches Blockchain remittance network in Korea; China’s first online insurance company starts blockchain R&D and the Department of Justice is looking to hire attorneys to assist it with developing digital currency regulations. We are in Regulation season now… and this is a very positive move!

European Bitcoin association has designated the Passage du Grand Cerf, a beautiful location located in the heart of the trendy quarter of Montorgueil, as its Bitcoin Boulevard… A must visit for the bitcoin love and shop-o-holic!

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